just take five instruments (accordion, guitar, double bass, trumpet and flugel) and four people …listen! open up your angel eyes at night and day, from north to el sur, from winter to summertime, and find through the shadow of your smile that life is all blues or sometimes a minor swing or – a blue monk – nothing but a long, long libertango!

when autumn leaves, take the a-train from brazil to black orpheus‚ underworld – and the Satin Doll will celebrate a funny valentine with you. Dance like St. Thomas with her, have a Tequila and when she says: besame mucho, don’t say bye bye blackbird: it don’t mean a thing, she’s just everybody’s cumparsita – try to imagine you are alone together and sing a song for your father, the watermelon man! He had a spleen and kept singin: there will never be anyone like you! follow us to oblivion and keep in your mind: bei mir bist du schön.